Meridian Mark Language Services provides translation and interpretation in over 100 languages. We connect our clients to their foreign and ethnic targets in a language they understand. As our name implies, we have circled the globe to bring the best translators to each project based on both language and subject matter expertise. Let us partner with you to manage all of your global information needs.
The US State Department estimates that US companies lose $50 billion a year due to faulty translation. Considering what ís at stake, it is wise to invest in quality translation. Our quality process and team of professional linguists will ensure that your message is both accurate and impactful.
More than 1/2 of the world's internet users speak a primary language other than English and non-English internet users continue to grow. Meridian Mark Language Services can help you translate and localize your website to build trust and tap into prime overseas markets.
The most recent US Census reports that 17.9% of American's don't speak English in their home. The domestic ethnic market has grown to represent incredible buying power. Let Meridian Mark Language Services open the doors to this valuable market segment.